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State of the Markets

August 16, 2019
Even by August standards, when market liquidity declines and volatility often rises, this month is delivering a larger than normal amount of unusual events. The escalation of the U.S.-China trade conflict on August 1 and subsequent delay of newly proposed tariffs on August 13; the U.S Treasury's labeling of China as a currency manipulator, the first use of that designation in 25 years; and unrest and protests in Hong Kong shutting down major transportation arteries—coupled with already slow global growth—all have markets concerned about the path forward.

2019 Mid-Year Outlook

June 18, 2019
Drivers, pilots, and sailors feel keenly the risk of drifting off course, of losing their forward focus. So should investors. Our full-year 2019 theme, the end of easy, is playing out quite clearly. We were buyers into the downtrends of late 2018 and have used strong first-half 2019 returns to take some gains and reduce positions back to our long-term strategic target. Hence, our mid year postscript to the end of easy is eyes forward, which is to say, look past the fleeting distractions in the daily news and stick close to long-term strategic target allocations.

2019 Tax Planning Tables

April 23, 2019
A helpful resource with important 2019 tax deadlines, tax rate schedules, retirement plan limits and more.

Reimagining Retirement – Generational Strategies for 21st Century Challenges

April 22, 2019
How will you spend the last third of your life? Will you continue to work in your current job? Start a business? Volunteer your time? Spend more time with family and friends? Travel the world? Many retirees are living longer healthier, and more active lives, but there are challenges to living the life you image. No matter your age, reaching your retirement goals means planning for them now.

How to Raise Kids With Money Smarts: Talk About It

March 12, 2019
Modeling good financial habits and talking with your kids about money can help them learn lifelong lessons in money management.

The Year in Review 2018

December 26, 2018
Dramatic shifts in sentiment about economic growth drove a return to volatility in 2018, after two mostly quiet years in 2016 and 2017. For 2019, we see potential opportunities - but also would take three steps - looking for investments where potential reward exceeds potential risk; rebalancing regularly, especially after gains; and allocating cash, instead of accumulating it.

2019 Outlook - The End of Easy

December 10, 2018
During the past decade, many asset price trends have persisted with limited interruption. Unusually, equity and bond prices rose together, U.S. market performance dominated international markets, and only a few equity sectors led prolonged periods of outperformance. These trends made it relatively easy for investors to position portfolios. We see a number of these long-term trends shifting, marking what we call the end of easy.

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